Arabian Horses


Arabian horses have been my favored breed my entire life. Here on this page you can see the quality mares that live with us at the ranch. I do my best to select Arabians that are old style and more low key. These mares all have great conformation, beauty, intelligence and most have an endurance background or pedigree. Some even carry a gaited trait we call an amble ! Currently we do not have an Arabian stallion so our mares are bred to my Foundation Appaloosa for excellent, colored half Arabs.

Lyrical Majik
(Majik of Marwan x GC Forever Blest)

Bay , 14.3hh, purebred Arabian mare. Welcome to Mountain Creek Ranch Lyrical! When I saw Lyrical for sale at Majik Arabians in Montana her sweet expression tugged on my heart. Her quality and graceful movement made up my mind and I made the call to purchase her. Before leaving Majik Arabians she was bred to Merlin’s promising young stallion, Majik Tribute. Lyrical took her move from MT to TN as smoothly as could be expected, no pacing, neighing or any anxiety related behavior. Definitely one of my calmest and kindest mares. She gets along well with the rest of the herd and would love to adopt a certain spotted filly (if the mother wasn’t so possessive!!!). She is quite fond of me, which I certainly welcome � Love her so much . Photography credits to Shannon Edney.

Rafikah Rose
(HH Fortune Hunter × DK Peach Brandy)

Rose is a 14.3 hand purebred Arabian mare. Proven in LD and 50 mile endurance rides and seems to possess a natural ambling gait. She is my husband’s favorite riding horse. Big solid hooves and legs. Rose is sturdy and stylish! Predominantly Old Egyptian, some Crabbet (Al Marah) and a touch of Polish bloodlines. Her beauty and quality are hard to match.She has foaled one purebred Arabian. Foaled a colorful Appaloosa filly from our 100% foundation Appaloosa stallion, to be made available!

Sudden Romance
(Aur Aquavit X Wartime Romance)

CMK, chestnut roan Arabian mare. 14.2 hh. Highly intelligent, personable and athletic. In 2017 I traveled with my family to CA in order to meet Aur Aquavit and look for a daughter of his to purchase. I saw Sudden Romance at Diablo Vista Arabians. She was an Aquavit daughter belonging to Janice Siders who was not interested in selling her at the time. A year later Janice gave me first opportunity to buy her. Before leaving CA I sent her to be bred to another favorite stallion, SB Criminal Justice (aka CJ) owned by Angela Lewis. Then Romance made the long journey home to TN. In 2020 she foaled a beautiful bay filly by CJ.

(SB Criminal Justice x Sudden Romance)

Wild Bay CMK filly… her curiosity and spice are constant entertainment. Like her dam, she is very fond of people. Will mature small. Perhaps 13.3 to 14 hh . Victory survived a broken leg at one week of age.

Virinda Faline
(BG Bayzon x Illiamo Raffana)

14.0 hh CMK , double Raffon. This little Bay mare is the one and only horse I rescued from a kill pen. She made her bout through a few of them I believe, after her owner died of cancer. Thankfully she had signed Virinda’s papers so I was able to transfer her into my name. Really a very well kept secret with a wonderful old pedigree including so many of the old greats. Ferzon , Abu Farwa, Farana , The Real Macoy , Gulastra and many more. She has balance with excellent feet and legs and a chill no nonsense nature.

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