Voneida Collies

For ten years Voneida Collies has been breeding for classic type, temperament & genetic soundness in a farm & family environment.

Our goal is to produce structurally sound puppies with good genetic health, normal eyes and stable temperaments for families like our own. Our puppies have been placed all over the country in therapy, show and companion homes. Socialization starts early with the puppies being whelped in the home and raised with my young children who are supervised & instructed to handle our sweet puppies with kindness and gentleness. As the puppies grow they will be introduced to a variety of farm animals which may include any of the following: chickens, goats, horses, cattle and cats.

Our adults are CEA, PRA, MDR1 & DM Normal or non carriers. We have mostly non-carriers in all categories. Mating’s are chosen according to the parents’ temperament and their DNA results to produce the best personalities and health results in the puppies.

We are blessed with exceptionally sweet and beautiful dogs, both our males and females. We are always trying to do our best with our breeding program and Collies are the only breed we raise!

All colors are available. Tries, whites, sable and an occasional blue. Most of our adults sport full white collars and naturally tipped ears. Long noses and lovable personalities are a plus!

Please Inquire to be placed on our waiting list. Deposits are non-refundable with one exception.

Limited & full registration prices. Health guaranteed .

We request Calls Only or fill out a puppy inquiry form to email. This is to enable us to get to know you on a more personal level and to cut down on the amount of scammers inquiring!  931-259-2097


Voneida’s Summertime County Beau

Blue merle AKC, SCPS double registered male. Sunnybank descendant . CEA, PRA, MDR1, DM clear. Herding instinct, supper gentle with small children , cat and chicken safe. Majestic dog with good structure. Sire of many fine puppies and our family pet. Adored favorite of our youngest children. Bobo is not for sale. His stud fee is $1200. Brucellosis test required and non refundable booking fee of $400.

Voneida’s Sunshine N’ Bixby, Archived 

PRA , CEA , MDR1 and DM clear by parentage. Beautiful natural tipped ears and full white collar. Bixby loves her family and is our dominant female. Not fearful natured and an excellent, protective mother. 

Lassie from Canny Guan to Voneida, Archived

SCPS registered female , CEA -/+, DM +/+, MDR1 +/+. A sweet docile nature, endearing , intuitive and affectionate without being overbearing. No car sickness. Moderate herding instincts. Cat safe , but not chicken safe ! (That trait seems to stick with the males here! ) Quite, no excessive barking, Something is going on when she barks. A favorite thing is cuddling! She is a wonderful mom and a great match for Bobo. My daughters’ favorite dog.

Voneida’s Honey Doll

AKA Dolly. SCPS breeding certification/ registration pending. Her parents are our SCPS registered Lassie and Bobo. Tested CEA clear and MDR1, DM , PRA clear by parentage. Sable merle. She is beautiful and very sweet / friendly ! Herding drive, safe with cats, not chickens. She and Tad are going to be a great match. No puppies from Dolly yet!

Voneida’s Maypop

AKC Registered tri factored sable female. CEA, PRA, MDR1 & DM clear by parentage. Spunky and a love bug. The cutest face and excellent conformation. Herding instinct, safe with cats but not the chickens. (Safe with chickens is a boy thing here). No puppies yet! 

Twiddle De Tad from Sixpence to Voneida

Registered Scottish Collie, SCPS. PRA, MDR1,DM clear, CEA +/-. Tad is a great guard dog and his strong point is empathy! Very loyal and won’t just cuddle up to anyone. Loves herding and it would be a justice to him to have training for this area, he uses the herding snap to boldly attempt to move livestock and must at times be corrected for it. He is cat & bird (chicken) safe and loves children. Can always be found lounging where they are playing and will stay out with us even though severe storms. We have finally raised his perfect match, a CEA clear, sable merle, Lassie/Bobo daughter named Dolly. Planning their 1st special litter this year. Not currently a proven sire. Stud fee $950 , $300 non refundable booking fee. Brucellosis test required.

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